ANSI/SCTE 15 2022

Specification for Trunk, Feeder and Distribution Coaxial Cable

Executive Summary

This specification applies to general purpose trunk, feeder and distribution coaxial cables. Currently there are two distinctive designs of dielectric available: gas injected foam dielectric and disc and air dielectric. This document will cover both designs. Specialty cables will not be included in this document.

References to the National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, ASTM and other regulations or specifications should adhere to the latest document and should keep current with each document.

This specification in no way should limit or restrict any manufacture’s innovations and improvement. Innovation and improvements are encouraged, and this specification may be adjusted when beneficial.


This specification applies to material, electrical and mechanical properties of seventy-five-ohm coaxial cables as defined herein. Seventy-five-ohm coaxial cables are used to distribute radio frequency (RF), digital signals and power as applicable.


This standard allows for interface between multiple vendors of coax, connectors, tools, equipment and accessories.

Without this specification the end user would have to pair hardline cable & parts due to lack of standardization.

Intended Audience

The intended audiences are mainly manufacturers. System operators should also find use in this specification as reference to their products and capabilities.