ANSI/SCTE 137-6 2017 (R2021)

Modular Headend Architecture Part 6: Edge QAM Video Stream Interface

This specification is a component of the Modular Headend Architecture. In particular, it defines the data plane requirements for receiving, processing, and transmitting MPEG transport streams in EQAMs, compliant with the Video EQAM or Universal EQAM profiles described in the Architectural Overview of the Modular Headend Architecture.

It should be noted that this document refers to "MPEG video" support as a short-hand to designate support for the delivery of compliant MPEG transport streams that may carry audio material, video material, data, or a combination.

The EQAM supporting MPEG video has one or more IP network interfaces (e.g., Gigabit Ethernet) for receipt of IP-encapsulated MPEG transport stream packets that may arrive from a VOD or streaming server. The EQAM can be configured either statically (via [SCTE 137-5]) or dynamically (via ERMI-2, as defined in [SCTE 137-4]) to process the incoming MPEG transport streams, generate a Multiple Program Transport Stream (MPTS), and then, from that MPTS, generate a QAM modulated RF waveform that is transmitted at a particular frequency on an RF output of the device.