ANSI/SCTE 130-10 2020

Digital Program Insertion – Advertising Systems Interfaces Part 10: Stream Restriction Data Model (SRDM)

This document in conjunction with the SCTE 130 Part 10 Extensible Markup Language (XML) schema document (i.e. the XSD document) defines the XML data model expressing stream restrictions.

The Stream Restriction Data Model (SRDM) expresses the features, the attributes and the restrictions for a given context. The context may refer to a piece of entertainment content, an advertising asset, a VOD session or some other quantity of media. The application of the SRDM to a given context is out of scope for this document.

This revision of the SRDM is used to specify restrictions applied against play scale (i.e. the speed and direction of a particular asset). Any other form of stream restriction is out of scope for this revision of the SRDM.

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