ANSI/SCTE 137-4 2017

Modular Head End Architecture Part 4: Edge Resource Manager Interface

This document specifies interfaces that are used by Edge QAM devices (EQAMs), Edge Resource Managers (ERMs) and M-CMTS Cores within the context of a Modular Cable Modem Termination System (M‑CMTS). This is one of several specifications that together define and specify a complete M‑CMTS system (see Section 1.3). The basic architecture of a complete M‑CMTS system is shown in Figure 1–1.

Three interfaces are specified in this document:

ERMI-1: A registration interface between an ERM and an EQAM. This interface is used to register and unregister EQAM resources (i.e., QAM channels) with an ERM.

ERMI-2: A control interface between an EQAM and an ERM. This interface is used by an ERM to request QAM channel resources from an EQAM, and by an EQAM to acknowledge resources to an ERM.

ERMI-3: A control interface between an M-CMTS Core and an ERM. This interface is used by the M-CMTS Core to request specific QAM channel resources from the ERM, and by the ERM to respond to such requests with the location of QAM channel resources.