ANSI Public Review Of SCTE Standards

Standard Number
Public Review End Date
Supporting Documents
SCTE 27 2016 (R2021) Subtitling Methods for Broadcast Cable 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 40 2016 (R2021) Digital Cable Network Interface Standard 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 142 2017 (R2021) Recommended Practice for Transport Stream Verification 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 168-6 2017 (R2021) Recommended Practice for Monitoring Multimedia Distribution Quality 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 168-7 2017 (R2021) Recommended Practice for Transport Stream Verification in an IP Transport Network 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 175 2017 (R2021) Recommended Practice for Qualifying Network Devices for High Availability Streaming Video 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 233 2016 (R2021) Wavelength-Division Multiplex Small Form Factor Pluggable (PXFP-WDM) Optical Transmitter Module Interface Specification 9/13/2021 None
SCTE 37 2017 (R2021) Hybrid Fiber/Coax Outside Plant Status Monitoring SCTE-HMS-ROOTS Management Information Base (MIB) Definition 10/4/2021 None
SCTE 271 2021 Requirements for Power Sensing in Cable and Utility Networks 10/4/2021 None
SCTE 43 2015 (R2021) Digital Video Systems Characteristics Standard for Cable Television 10/18/2021 None
SCTE 57 2016 (R2021) System Information for Satellite Distribution of Digital Television for Cable and MMDS 10/18/2021 None
SCTE 41 2016 (R2021) POD Copy Protection System 10/18/2021 None
SCTE 272 2021 Standardized Loading for Reverse-Path Bit Error Ratio Testing 10/25/2021 None