SCTE Foundation Grants for FIRST Application

Nomination Eligibility
At least one member of the group must have a parent who is an SCTE member in good standing.  
NOTE:  Submitting a grant application does not guarantee funding for your team.

NOTE: The group agrees to allow their name and photo to be used in SCTE Foundation marketing materials and social media posts.

Eligibility Requirements

  • The SCTE Member nominating the group, must complete the application form.
  • A letter from the team’s leader must accompany the application form answering the following questions:
    • Describe the team’s goals – clear and realistic
    • Team Participants:  describe who is on the team including mentors, with numbers of participants and diversity of participants (gender, ethnicity).
    • Has the team received grant money in the last year?  If so, how much and from whom?
    • Provide a clear description of how a grant from the SCTE Foundation, if approved, will be used by your team.
Is it your son or daughter who is involved with this team? *