Online Certification Exam

Construction Engineering Professional (CEP) Online Exam

Cable companies are building out their access network to accommodate the push for 10G. There is a great demand for construction engineers to facilitate design changes to the operator’s access network. The Construction Engineering Professional (CEP) certification from the SCTE lets operators know that an individual possesses the knowledge to help build the future access network. The Construction Engineering Professional certifies knowledge in coaxial and fiber construction techniques, makes ready processes, right-of-way processes, project design processes, and construction engineering.

Topic categories include:

  • system architectures
  • distribution components
  • coaxial construction
  • optical construction
  • troubleshooting
  • construction equipment and processes
  • field safety
  • field Survey
  • utility pole make ready
  • right of way
  • project design

CEP Certification Study Resources

Focus on the topics in the exam curriculum that you need to study the most. You may rely upon local technical sessions and certification study groups at SCTE chapters to build your knowledge. In addition, national SCTE onsite and online training courses, vendor training, books and archived webinars as well as education at SCTE events, on-the-job training, publications and other technical resources may help prepare candidates for certification.

Most effective study resources: