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All-In-Access Company Information

SCTE, as a subsidiary of CableLabs, now provides opportunity for CableLabs members to access a greater array of SCTE benefits and services. All CableLabs member company employees are now granted CableLabs All-In Seats with SCTE. These all-in seats provide access to SCTE membership, and online training with SCTE, as well as access to SCTE’s Cable-Tec Expo and SCTE Standards program.

To ensure your membership benefits are picked up your account must be associated with your current organization, and your work email must be your primary contact.

Learn more about SCTE services offered for CableLabs member companies below:

SCTE Online Courses

With over 70 courses to choose from you can stay on top of the latest technologies with online courses like DOCSIS® 4.0 or DAA. Or maybe you are new to the industry and Understanding Cable or our new Understanding Fiber might make more sense. Lots of courses to explore! Learn more below or if you are logged in click “My Courses” for easy access.


SCTE MicroLessons

Short, focused learning segments—less than 10 minutes—perfect for your next coffee break. Learn more below or if you are logged in click “My Courses” for easy access.


SCTE Learning Journeys

Keep your career moving forward with a mapped out journey, from fundamental to expert level in your business or technical area.


Need help updating your account? Our membership services team can assist you at 800-542-5040 Ext. 1 or membership@scte.org.