The International Society of Broadband Experts® (ISBE) is a global brand for the availability of superior training and certification resources to cable engineering and operations professionals around the world.

ISBE® serves as an international gateway to SCTE’s vast library of educational and certification resources, and provides a single, unified source of training materials to the cable community.


"Cable system operators around the world face a universal challenge:  the need to make sure that their workforces are prepared for the new technologies that are on the horizon," said Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE.  "ISBE® will bridge gaps in existing training curricula, bringing state-of-the-art content that is fine-tuned to address industry needs to cable engineering and operations professionals in every market."


SCTE materials that will be available through ISBE® are created in conjunction with cable operators in the United States and other markets worldwide, and are aligned with the global activity of CableLabs®.

Cable service operators can join the SCTE•ISBE Corporate Alliance Program. This program enables operators of all sizes to jointly address industry issues, develop solutions to prepare for emerging technologies, and dramatically expand access to training and education.  


Liberty Global is the first international cable service operator to join the ISBE® Corporate Alliance Program.

If you are an employee of Liberty Global, join ISBE® to take advantage of the benefits of membership. 

SCTE•ISBE Corporate Alliance Program includes several international companies, click here to learn more about those companies involvement with SCTE•ISBE.