Understanding Cable Technology



At SCTE•ISBE, our industry-leading training experts have developed a new version of our Understanding Cable Technology online course to help you build essential knowledge—so you’ll be learning from the best in the business.


What will you learn?
Whether you’re new to the cable industry, or a seasoned employee looking to raise your technology knowledge, you will learn about:
  • The industry, aronyms and technnology you will be supporting
  • The core hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) and fiber to the x (FTTx) architectures
  • The technologies used to deliver high-speed data (HSD), video services and voice over IP telephony (VoIP)
  • Networking the customer premises
  • How to hold it all together with business and operation support systems (B/OSS)
  • How to use the SCTE•ISBE CORTEX® Expert Development System Mobile app to access the class anywhere

What's new and improved?
The course has been improved to incorporate an interactive learning experience that will soon include LightningMods, eBooks and a new VirtuGame feature! It’s a new way of learning that will provide you with a better understanding of the cable technology of today, as well as a glimpse into the future.

How long will it take?
If you dedicate only an hour a week, you can complete the course online in 8 hours (or one day onsite). You can also complete the course on any mobile device using the new SCTE•ISBE CORTEX® Mobile App.

What will you get when you complete the course?
In addition to the cutting-edge cable telecommunications technical knowledge you need to be successful in your role, you’ll also receive:

  • A certificate of completion
  • An interactive eBook, 
  • Credits toward future certifications with SCTE•ISBE

Plus, you’ll be building the foundation to learn even more advanced technical skills!

What sets SCTE•ISBE interactive training courses apart from others? 
SCTE•ISBE interactive training courses are designed to improve recall of complex topics, giving employers a greater return on their investments.

Each of our A4 pillars is interactive and operates in the SCTE•ISBE CORTEX® Mobile App. These pillars are:

  1. AWARE: Frames and contextualizes the basic facts through mini elearning modules called LightningMods (10 minutes or less) which prepare the brain’s neurons for learning.
  2. ABSORB: Develops a deeper knowledge base through eBooks or bootcamps.
  3. APPLY: Tests knowledge and skills through practicing the steps necessary for implementation via NetworkSim, a simulated 3D virtual environment.
  4. AGAIN: Reinforce and retain knowledge and skills through VirtuGame, a mobile gaming platform that helps the user remember the facts and perform the procedures.

To learn more about how our 4 pillars improve learning, retention and performance, contact us today.

SCTE•ISBE CORTEX® Expert Development System is an essential professional development tool designed to foster your career advancement. 

The CORTEX® Mobile App is a resource that can extend learning and knowledge recall through interaction on the job site, where learning and performance matter most.  Engineering and operations professionals can access SCTE•ISBE’s vast library of technical resources and educational content created by SCTE•ISBE technology partners across the industry.  

The CORTEX® Mobile App is available now to SCTE•ISBE members for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Why learn from SCTE•ISBE?

SCTE•ISBE trains telecommunications professionals at all levels, from contractors and installers to senior level executives and engineers, as well as all industry segments including operators, vendors, programmers and consumer electronics industry.

  1. SCTE•ISBE’s position as the applied science hub from which the Industry develops and deploys technology, provides members and learners with a unique perspective that crosses the entire industry including Cable MSO’s and Technical Partner companies.  SCTE•ISBE has been the cable industry's leading technology organization for almost 50 years

  2. SCTE•ISBE training courses are built on an unmatched understanding of technology, standards and network infrastructure from an in-house technical training and development staff with decades of cable experience and a vast network of working groups consisting of the industry's technology experts and over 25 Adjunct Faculty

  3. SCTE•ISBE training is recognized as the benchmark for proving cable knowledge, leader in industry certification and is currently utilized by numerous cable operators as an internal path for promotion and career advancement

  4. SCTE•ISBE offers numerous, convenient course delivery methods to fit telecommunication professionals’ schedules and learning styles including in-person, digital eBooks, and mobile delivery methods through CORTEX® in new formats that best fit into our industry’s learning opportunities. Whether it be formalized training in the classroom, 15 minute interactive modules, SCTE•ISBE’s customized delivery fits into your employees work day

  5. To date, SCTE•ISBE training has helped professionals earn more than 20,000 SCTE•ISBE certifications—the industry’s premier technical certification

  6. When compared to other industry training organizations, SCTE•ISBE training courses provide cost-effective solutions that fit into any size budget.  As a non-profit we reinvest heavily into industry education

Learn about cable technology today from the industry’s thought leaders, and set yourself up for future success!


All SCTE•ISBE online courses are also available for onsite presentation.  
If you would like to bring this course to your location for a 1-day session, please contact

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