The Digital Knowledge Handbook (DigiPoints)

The Digital Knowledge Handbook (DigiPoints)

DigiPoints is a technical training tutorial designed to familiarize cable telecommunications professionals with digital data technology. By explaining a wealth of terminology and specific principles, this SCTE resource eases the reader's transition into the world of digital implementation.

DigiPoints, The Digital Knowledge Handbook Volume 1 introduces the basics of digital technology theory, transmission technology and applications, including bandwidth management, error detection and correction, protocols, compression, LANs, and network architectures.

DigiPoints, The Digital Knowledge Handbook Volume 2 covers the digital delivery of data, video and voice as well as network management, security and testing.

DigiPoints, The Digital Knowledge Handbook Volume 3 discusses the digital equipment in the home that facilitates delivery of advanced digital services, including digital TV, remote controls, Fire Wire, EPGs, DVD, and PacketCable.

The DigiPoints training materials and Volume 3 text are downloadable PDF files. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files. You can download the software from the Adobe website.