Spirit of the Games Award

2019 Recipient

Bob Razem

Bob Razem served on the Cable-Tec Games subcommittee since 2012 but had been involved in Cable-Tec Games hosted by local chapters for several years before that. As the subcommittee commenced the process to update and modernize the Games for everyone, Bob has been instrumental in introducing a Project Authorization Request to introduce a Fiber Cleaning and Inspection event. He built interest amongst other vendors to add an event that will challenge technicians to inspect, clean and measure optical components to ensure quality of fiber optic connections. He and his team put a lot of energy and effort into getting this event off the ground, and piloted it and analyzed the results for the subcommittee. The subcommittee was impressed with the outcomes and voted to offer the event during the 2019-2020 Games cycle with a plan to have it as an official event at the 2021 International Cable-Tec Games.

Past Recipients

2018 - Mike O'Dell, Comcast Cable Communications