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The future of connectivity is being defined, today. And we are committed to leading the way toward innovation. Join thought leaders from diverse backgrounds in designing a future that’s more connected, efficient and powerful than ever. The Explorer Initiative will establish a shared path forward through seven new SCTE Standards working groups focusing on emerging services and technologies that will impact telecommunications. 

Together, we can enable the future of tech by accelerating new applications of telecommunications.


The working groups focus on:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Smart Cities, Aging in Place and Telemedicine, Internet of Things, and Network and Service Reliability.


More connectivity.More possibilities.

The Explorer Initiative will help usher in a new era of connectivity. Through collaboration, subject matter experts from across industries will develop standards and best practices that will capitalize on the capabilities of cable’s 10G platform.

Additionally, program members will build reference libraries of solutions and innovations and gain insights from each other. With our combined experience, we can develop standards, operational practices and training to shorten the time to market for these exciting new technological advances. And, we can create a better experience for both providers and users.


How it works

Each working group will meet to discuss challenges and opportunities their specific industries face relative to telecommunications. With one-hour meetings every other week, the time commitment is minimal but the impact is colossal. By raising issues, voicing opinions and speaking from experience, groups will create industry standards and share insights. Each group will cover specific topics and pursue unique goals, while sharing their progress with the Initiative participants as a whole. 

Move the industry forward. Join the conversations that matter for the future of connectivity.


Combine Forces with Cable’s Global Standards Authority

SCTE has over 300 standards and operational practices accredited by ANSI. As an Emmy-winning organization and the only ANSI-accredited program in the cable industry, SCTE has been developing standards since 1995.

SCTE has vast experience facilitating working groups in a wide range of technological fields such as alternate energy, HDR video, IoT security, and interface practices. To serve our 140+ member organizations, we continually support these ongoing groups and search for new innovative technology areas. The Explorer Initiative is our latest effort to lead new industries to greater connectivity.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Create a reference library of AI/ML best practices as applied to the cable industry
  • Determine if a shared megaset of data would benefit the industry
  • Share lessons learned from employee and user perspectives
  • Align with industry efforts by CableLabs®, SCTE, and others

Smart Cities

  • Create a reference library of Smart Cities solutions related to the cable industry
  • Develop industry standards and operational practices specific to network service providers
  • Analyze and apply existing standards where appropriate
  • Conduct and participate in lab and field trials

Aging in Place, Telehealth, and Telemedicine

  • Create a reference library of Aging in Place and Telemedicine solutions related to the cable industry
  • Develop industry standards and operational practices specific to network service providers
  • Analyze and apply existing standards where appropriate
  • Conduct and participate in lab and field trials

Network and Service Reliability 

Human Factors Icon
  • Create operational practices and standards that optimize and prioritize network performance
  • Develop practices for reducing network downtime/degradation caused by human intervention
  • Develop practices for optimizing automation
  • Develop performance management techniques for workforcesn
  • Develop measurement techniques to quantify the effect of working group output on network uptime
  • Implement automated tools to drive proactive network maintenance
  • Align with industry efforts by CableLabs®, SCTE and others

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