Rogers Cable Certification

Rogers Fulfillment Technician Certification Program

The following SCTE certification information is intended for Authorized Rogers Fulfillment Technicians only.

The Certification

SCTE has established the Certified Fulfillment Technician (CFT) certification based on a proven foundation of cable installation and service knowledge. The CFT certification describes the knowledge of a fulfillment technician who will install and troubleshoot telecommunications services at the customer’s premises.

The Exam

The CFT exam is a 50-question, multiple choice exam. Your certification exam will be proctored through a remote process following completion of the course.

Passing score: 80%

Those who successfully pass the certification exam will be awarded an SCTE certificate. If the exam is not passed, see instructions below for retaking the exam.

Remote Proctoring

The CFT exam will be proctored through a virtual proctoring organization, ProctorU. You will be required to purchase the exam from the SCTE website and schedule the exam with ProctorU prior to taking the exam at the completion of the RF Services course. The exam must be scheduled at least 72 hours prior to taking the exam or additional ProctorU fees will apply.

Purchasing an Exam:

  • Log on to and follow prompts to either Sign In or create a new account.
  • Select CERTIFICATION from the menu, and Purchase Exam.
  • Find the CFT – ROGERS VIRTUAL PROCTOR ONLINE EXAM, add to cart, and view cart to complete the purchase
  • In the Payment Details section either enter a company-provided Purchase Order number, or enter fields required for a credit card purchase, and Submit your order.
  • Companies can submit a Purchase Order (PO) to SCTE for approval at There is a minimum requirement of $1500 for Purchase Orders. The PO will be reviewed by SCTE•ISBE’s accounting department; please allow 5 business days. After the PO is approved, SCTE will notify the company that their employees can use the approved PO number in lieu of a credit card when purchasing exams. SCTE will invoice the company monthly for the amount charged to the PO during the previous month.
  • Contact the SCTE Customer Service desk at 800-542-5040 if you have any questions about purchasing the exam.

Scheduling an Exam

On the first day of the RF Services course the instructor must send an email to, subject line “Rogers Certification”, indicating the estimated number of students, and the preferred date and time to begin the exam. If all students will NOT be taking the exam at the same time in the same location indicate that as well.

On the second day of the RF Services course each student should follow the instructions below to schedule their exam.

  • Log on to and follow prompts to sign up as a new Test-Taker account. It is suggested that you set up your account using the same username/password credentials used to purchase the SCTE exam. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your new account.
  • Select Schedule New Session and complete the form to schedule the SCTE General Certified Fulfillment Technician (CFT) exam. Be sure to select the exam with the name that corresponds to the date you will be taking the exam with your training class (example: “Certified Fulfillment Technician (CFT) - February 15, 2016”.) If you will not be taking the exam in the same location and at the same time as the rest of your training class please select the “Certified Fulfillment Technician (CFT) – Individual Session” exam and schedule the exam at your preferred date and time. Be sure to schedule it for at least 72 hours in advance, and confirm your computer meets the technology requirements listed below.
  • Select Find Session. Enter the date and time the exam is expected to be taken, and select Find Available Times. Select the appropriate session on the right side of the screen and select Schedule.
  • You will be directed to an order receipt page where you can verify your scheduled exam date and time, as well as amount due, if applicable.
  • At this point you may choose to select Test Equipment to verify your laptop setup with ProctorU.
  • Contact ProctorU Help Desk at 855-772-8678 if you have any questions about scheduling the exam.

Taking an Exam

During the exam, the following rules apply:

  • No other individual may be present, except the facilitator and other exam takers
  • Communicating to others is prohibited. This includes in-person, email, telephone, cell, text, etc.
  • Certification candidates must complete and submit the exam before leaving the room
  • In the event of a loss of power or Internet connectivity, certification candidates must notify the Proctor immediately.
  • You have 2-hours to complete the exam once ProctorU authorizes your exam.

When you submit your exam, you will receive immediate results indicating whether you passed or failed. If the exam is not passed, you will receive topics for additional study. See instructions below for retaking the exam. 

Exams are open book.

  • Any reference materials may be used, including the Internet, texts, tables, papers and calculators. 
  • Reference materials may not include practice tests
  • Reference materials may not be shared
  • Candidates will not be allowed to retain notes or information concerning examinations

Completing the Remote-Proctored Exam

  • Prior to taking the exam please be sure you:

Have two current photo IDs

Have a computer with a webcam

Are able to install software on your computer

Have a mirror or reflective item handy (such as a DVD) if the webcam is built into your laptop

Have all approved materials ready on the table

Close all unnecessary applications on your computer

  • Log on to, select CERTIFICATION and Take Exam from the menu. Select the CFT – ROGERS VIRTUAL PROCTOR ONLINE EXAM. A Proctor Authorization window will open.
  • Log on to If you have not done so already, select Test Equipment.
  • Find the session previously scheduled and select Take It Now.
  • Confirm onscreen prompts to confirm your identity and selected exam.
  • The Proctor will contact you via a chat window. Follow the directions provided by the Proctor. During this process the Proctor will verify your identity, download ProctorU software, close open applications on the laptop, and verify the test environment.
  • After verification, the Proctor will enter their username and password in the Proctor Authorization window, and your exam will begin.
  • Upon completion of the exam the Proctor will verify that the exam is closed, and the ProctorU session will end.

ProctorU Technical Requirements

Web Camera 640x480 resolution 1280x720 resolution
PC Users Windows Vista Windows 8
Mac Users Mac OS X 10.5 or higher Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
Internet Download Speed .768 Mbps 1.5Mbps
Internet Upload Speed .384 Mbps 1.5Mbps
RAM 1024MB 2GB
Ports 1935, UDP/TCP 1935, UDP/TCP

Other Requirements

  1. A functioning microphone (sometimes web cameras have built-in microphones).
  2. One of the following compatible web browsers (click to download):
  1. The following plugins for your web camera (click to download):

Not Supported

At this time we do not support the following; however, we are working on solutions to accommodate every platform.

  1. Google Chromebooks
  2. Android tablets (Nexus 7, etc.)
  3. iOS tablets (iPad, iPad mini, etc.)
  4. Linux operating systems
  5. Microsoft Surface RT

Retaking the Exam

If you do not pass the exam the first time you may retake the exam the next day. You must purchase the exam and schedule the retake following the same process followed for the original exam. Note that the ProctorU system will allow you to schedule an exam to begin immediately (“Take It Now” option), however you are required to wait until the next day to retake the exam. Instead you may schedule the exam within the next 72 hours (“Take It Soon” option, with additional fee of $5.00 paid by credit card when scheduling) or pay no additional fee to schedule the exam at least 72 hours in advance. 

If you do not pass the exam on the second and any subsequent attempts you will be required to wait 30 days before the next attempt.