Recertification Dates

Consolidation of Recertification Dates

If you have enough recertification units all recertification renewal dates can be consolidated into a single date. You will still submit Recertification Units (RUs) and a fee, as usual.

When your next certification is up for renewal submit a single application for all certificates, and document your Recertification Units (RUs). Once your RUs are verified by a member of our Learning & Development Team your certification is assigned a three-year renewal date. If you have more than one certification, and enough RUs (12-21 RUs depending on certification) per certificate your recertifications can be consolidated under a single renewal date. Date consolidation allows all recertification activities accrued going forward to be shared for all active certificates with the same renewal period, making it easier to maintain going forward.


Joe has the 3 certifications in the table below. He completes a Recertification Form and pays one recertification fee to renew his BPI certification.

Current Certifications
Start Date
Renewal Date
BPI 7/1/05 7/1/08
BPT 10/15/06 10/15/09
BDS 10/15/06 10/15/09

If enough recertification units per certificate have been accrued. The renewal date for the BPI, BPT, and BDS certifications will be extended for 3 years.

Current CertificationsAfter Recertification
Start Date
New Renewal Date
BPI 7/1/05 7/1/11
BPT 10/15/06 7/1/11
BDS 10/15/06 7/1/11

Going forward, Joe will renew all of his certifications on the same date for one fee.His Recertification Units (RUs) will need to be earned during the 3 years prior to his renewal date, in other words between 7/1/08 and 7/1/11.


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