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Diversity & Inclusion

SCTE•ISBE's long-term goal is to ensure that our membership, volunteer membership, and staff represent a strong and evolving model of diversity and inclusion for the technical operations and engineering workforce of the Broadband Industry, and those that support them.

Diversity Initiatives

In early 2012 SCTE•ISBE began its launch of the SCTE•ISBE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative through the creation of several programs supporting its Inclusion Philosophy. Multi-channel News worked with SCTE•ISBE Senior Vice President of Operations, Cathy Oakes, in posting an article that highlights key areas of focus for SCTE•ISBE Diversity & Inclusion in the year ahead.
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Standards, Education, and Certification.

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE•ISBE) is the premier technical Society in the cable telecommunications industry. Together with our 22,000 members and 42 industry partners, we provide the technical guidance, learning solutions, and professional credentials that drive the cable industry towards the future.The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE•ISBE) is the premier technical Society in the cable telecommunications industry. Together with our 22,000 members and 42 industry partners, we provide the technical guidance, learning solutions, and professional credentials that drive the cable industry towards the future.


Vendor Days

Each year, SCTE•ISBE chapters host approximately 50 Vendor Days — an opportunity to learn about exciting technologies and to compete in the local Cable-Tec Games. Find a list of upcoming local Vendor Days in the SCTE•ISBE Event Calendar. If you are interested in volunteering or would like more information about an upcomingVendor Day, please contact your local chapter volunteers.


Chapter Happenings

Each local SCTE•ISBE chapter offers at least 30 hours of technical training a year - about 300 technical training sessions in total. Chapters also offer useful webinars covering the latest industry topics, host vendor days, and provide training resources to help further your certification path(s) of choice.


The SCTE•ISBE Vision

Creating Value. Preparing them for what's next in technology, SCTE•ISBE can benefit all professionals in the industry, helping them to create an exceptional customer experience. Cultivating unmatched technical innovation, training, certification, and standards-with partners CableLabs® and NCTA-SCTE•ISBE creates value for corporate and individual members. Standards Development.


LiveLearning for Professionals

View all LiveLearning WebinarsTM by title, description, and time to get the knowledge you need to set yourself above the pack.


SCTE•ISBE Knowledge Base


Resources for Trainers

Success starts here. Tutorials, primers, guides, documents, and in-depth knowledge to help you deliver effective training and instruction.


SCTE•ISBE Bookstore

Exams, publications, manuals, pocket guides, journals, periodicals, whitepapers, event materials, and more from the industry authority.


Standards Project Register

The Standards Project Register contains a complete list of all SCTE•ISBE Standards projects, including standards, recommended practices and projects withdrawn from consideration. All projects are organized according to project type and highlight important dates along the approval process, starting from the Project Authorization Request (PAR) through to SCTE•ISBE approval and ANSI final action where applicable.


Maintain a Competitive Workforce

Conceived as a true strategic partnership between corporate members and SCTE•ISBE, the Corporate Alliance Partnership (CAP) Program's participants realize significant savings by engaging across a wide variety of opportunities with the Society. Incremental value and benefits are realized by fully utilizing integrated programs across all areas of the cable communications network.


Partnership that Aligns with Your Business Goals

There are distinct CAP programs for three stakeholder groups.
Partners can leverage expertise specifically suited to their team's
objectives. The program and entrance fees are structured to allow
companies of all sizes to reap maximum value from participation.


SCTE•ISBE's Corporate Alliance is an annual organizational partnership. It is open to companies wanting to further engage with SCTE•ISBE while being recognized for
their contributions and support through the calendar year. CAP companies build
workforce expertise and drive business results. The program and entrance fees are
structured to ensure that companies of all sizes can reap maximum value from
participation. Incremental value and benefits are realized by fully utilizing
integrated programs across:


Position Your Company to Address the Industry's Future

Members have the option to tailor the knowledge and standards
development path of their organizations to match their long-term
goals. Create a program that puts your team ahead of the curve. Help engineer standards, create a customized learning program, be a part of chapter activities, visit Cable-Tec Expo®, get access to special events - and more!


Download SCTE•ISBE-Approved Standards

All documents are consensus developed and SCTE•ISBE Engineering Committee approved SCTE•ISBE standards. Many of these standards have been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and are so designated.

Electronic copies of approved SCTE•ISBE standards are complimentary and available free of charge to the public.


Standards Stand Tall

The ANSI-accredited SCTE•ISBE Standards Program
accelerates the deployment of new and improved


Technical Education & Training

If you are interested in expanding your cable knowledge, sharpening your technical skills, or simply getting started in the industry, SCTE•ISBE has the technology-centric courses and training programs you need to grow. These convenient courses are offered onsite for your entire technical team and online, either scheduled or on-demand, so you can learn at your own pace.


SCTE•ISBE Certification

The industry recognizes SCTE•ISBE and its certifications as the industry’s premier benchmark for proving technical knowledge. Once you are certified, SCTE•ISBE will recognize your certification achievements and help you stand out. Many industry organizations honored SCTE•ISBE-certified professionals with recognition and/or career advancement opportunities.


Tech Specs + Library + Toolkit + Learning Test Drive Version 1.0

SCTE•ISBE is bringing the entire spectrum of broadband technology knowledge within reach. So how does this dynamic app work? Find out for yourself. Version 1.0 is just the beginning of the evolution of learning & development connectivity as we know it.
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Learn More and Partner with Us

Cable Operators - Contact the SCTE•ISBE for more information on enterpris partnership and how CORTEX EDS and CORTEX Mobile can equip your employees to drive meaningful business results.


Receive more information or a customized proposal for your company by contacting


So Many Ways To Get Ahead

SCTE•ISBE certification is the cable industry’s premier endorsement for professionals. Prove your cable knowledge. Promote your expertise. Advance your career. Get certified today.



Introducing a New member benefit! MicroLessons are short, focused learning segments that area complimentary part of your SCTE•ISBE membership. MicroLessons focus on Fiber Deep, EPON, DOCSIS 3.1 and R-PHY. Plus, new content will be added soon. But you have to be an SCTE•ISBE member to take advantage of this valuable learning resources!



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Case Studies

SCTE•ISBE’s Mission—Providing technical leadership for the telecommunications industry and serving its members through excellence in professional development, standards, certification, and information.


SCTE•ISBE Test Drive Version 1.0

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