Conducting a Chapter Technical Training Event

Conducting a Chapter Technical Training Event

Each local SCTE chapter is required to provide a minimum number of hours of technical training per year.

The Chapter Professional Development Guidelines (linked below) are recommended guidelines for conducting chapter technical training. If your chapter is interested in adopting these guidelines, please contact

"Local chapter training represents the most training hours provided to the greatest number of SCTE members throughout the year. The chapter meetings and events often provide the only training and industry information outside of members’ day-to-day work environment that goes beyond the essential company-provided job-related material. SCTE chapter sessions complement employer efforts to develop a capable technical team member, AND they provide the participant with a wider understanding of the business."

—Wayne Hall, VP of Engineering, Comcast

If you have any questions on conducting a Chapter Technical Training Event, reach out to chapter relations staff at

Technical Training Event- Overview

  • Contact management of the MSO(s) in your area to see what topics are needed.
  • Check the event calendar to see what trainings nearby chapters are hosting.
  • Find a speaker.
  • Create and send a meeting notice with date, time, location, speaker, and topic and email to all chapter members at least 3 weeks before the event.
  • Take attendance and record it in the electronic attendance system. Submit attendance within 30 days of the event.
  • Submit the sign-in sheets for anyone not in the electronic attendance system to headquarters.
  • Submit a Meeting Report Form recapping speaker and attendance information. Note if you promoted membership in SCTE and/or conducted certification testing.
  • Chapters may use webinar technology to further expand the reach of the training. SCTE provides a platform on a first-come, first-served basis

The meeting planning form is linked below.

Select a Topic

To identify possible topics, talk with local operator leadership to determine which topics would be of most use to the operator and would be well-attended. See what topics are being presented by other chapters by searching the SCTE Events Calendar. If you are interested in a specific topic that is being provided by another chapter, contact the local chapter leaders.

Chapters have provided technical training on a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Drop Installation Fundamentals
  • Signal Leakage
  • SCTE Certification Exam Preparation
  • Internet Protocol
  • Fiber Management
  • Broadband Distribution Network
  • Plant Maintenance and Standby Power
  • MoCA
  • Return Path
  • Testing
  • 5G & 10G
  • Safety
  • Power

Find a Speaker

Here are 5 ways to find speakers:

SCTE Events Calendar- Describes Topics and Speakers being presented at other chapters.

Speaker Finder – A list of individuals who presented at chapter training seminars since April 2014.

Onsite Training by a SCTE expert trainer– Bring current, unbiased, cutting edge technology information to your chapter members. SCTE Onsite seminars provide structured content and a participants guide to all attendees. While these seminars may cost more than a traditional chapter training seminar, chapters can take advantage of deep discounts to provide this valuable content to their members. Contact Steve Harris, SCTE VP, Global Market Development at or call 610-594-7324 for more information or to request a Chapter Training Case Study to assist in your decision.

SCTE virtual training (Free of Charge for SCTE Chapters)- SCTE virtual training can be used to supplement a regular chapter training session, a strategic planning session or a board meeting. SCTE virtual training will include a live staff speaker who presents remotely and can adapt the topic to the specific audience. The training will last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2hrs depending on the topic. There is no cost to the chapter from SCTE. The chapter does need to have a good broadband connection in order to see the presentation.

Archived SCTE LiveLearning Sessions – Can’t find a trainer? Want to provide some training along with your vendor day? Consider broadcasting an archived live learning session to your chapter.

Maximize your Points!

Meeting Notice: Your chapter will receive up to 25 additional points by:

  1. 10 points are awarded for promoting relevant SCTE certification(s)
  2. 10 points are awarded for including a membership recruitment message in your meeting notice. Submit the Recruitment Outreach Form to receive your points. Complete the Recruitment Outreach Form and submit to HQ for matrix points
  3. 5 points are awarded for sending your meeting notice to at least 30+ days before the event

SCTE Booth: 25 Points are awarded for each SCTE booth a Chapter sets up at an association event which includes SCTE Membership Information. Chapters may request use of SCTE-branded materials for Vendor Days and other chapter events, pending availability. Send your request, including dates needed, shipping address and event name, to at least 30 days prior to the event. Submit the Recruitment Outreach form to obtain your points. This cannot be combined with Recruitment Marketing points.

Certification Testing: 10 Points are awarded for a Chapter hosting Certification testing. Offer certification testing at your event.

Insurance for an Onsite / In Person Training Event

As described in the Chapter Handbook:

Insurance against liability exposure. Anytime a person or organization hosts an event, there is some degree of liability exposure present. If a guest is injured or property is damaged during the course of, or as a result of the event, the host may be held liable for reparations to the injured party. Again, through the partnership agreement, SCTE provides insurance coverage for its chapters and meeting groups against such forms of liability exposure. Otherwise, chapters and meeting groups would have to obtain their own coverage, a requirement that could be very costly. Some hotels and meeting spaces require proof of insurance. These forms can be obtained by contacting chapter support (

Create and Send a Meeting Notice to chapter members

  • Once your chapter has decided to hold a training seminar or Vendor Day, the most important step is to notify your chapter members! The following are a few tools to use to get the word out!
    • E-mail Announcement – Below are links to 2 templates your chapter can customize. We also have a partnership with Constant Contact with templates set up for chapters to use.
    • Meeting Notification – Let SCTE headquarters know about the event. Send your meeting announcement to Chapter Relations will add your event to the Chapter Events Calendar.
    • Create Your Own Communication – Interested in creating your own announcement but would like to use SCTE’s Logo? Please review the Chapter logo policy and download the logos from the CORe Marketing Your Chapter page.

Record Attendance

The day of the event, record attendance by using the Chapter Attendance Sheet or feel free to create your own attendance sheet. We recommend having a complete list of chapter affiliates and checking people off on it. Those who aren't on your affiliate list will need to provide their name, company, job title, email address, and mailing address to get credit in our system for attending.

Submit the Meeting Report

Submit to within 30 days of the meeting.

Hosting a Technical Training Webinar

Webinars are a great way to offer training to multiple locations and accumulate matrix points and training hours. The following are requirements and guidelines for webinar reporting:

Submit the Webinar Scheduling Form to Chapter Support 30 days prior to the event, otherwise we may not be able to count it towards the chapter’s training hours. The platform is available on a first come, first served basis.

Chapter membership must be notified in advance of the webinar presentation. We recommend the chapter send a notice at least 30 days in advance but it must be sent no less than 21 days prior. Chapter Support must receive the notice from the host chapter as well as any participating chapters.

The host chapter receives “teamwork” points, providing the participating chapters notify their membership of the event. The host chapter receives “webinar” points in the matrix for providing the webinar and credit for the training hours.

For host chapters as well as any participating chapters, attendance must be recorded at each location and submitted with meeting information. Training hour credit will be recorded for each location with 5 or more attendees. For example, if you have 5 locations with 5 or more in attendance and the webinar was 2 hours, the chapter would receive credit for 10 training hours.

While webinars are a great way to conveniently offer training trainings presented exclusively as webinars should be limited to no more than half the chapter's annual training events. MSOs find value in hands-on, in-person training.

Items to consider prior to your webinar:

  • Sound – sound for in person & sound for an online webinar is completely different. If you are planning on holding these simultaneously you may need to make some adjustments to the sound system. 
  • Operator – The host chapter needs a PowerPoint operator. The operator is encouraged to add circles, pointers, etc. to keep the presentation engaging. If the speaker(s) prefers not to be the operator, the chapter should have an additional volunteer to operate the PowerPoint presentation(s).
  • Webcam - It's more engaging if the speaker turns on their webcam.
  • During the event, use SCTE's PowerPoint/ Zoom background found on the CORe Marketing Your Chapter page.
  • Don't forget to use this opportunity to recruit new members. 

Participate in Another Chapter's Technical Training Webinar

Check the Events Calendar for upcoming trainings. Contact the Chapter Leaders hosting the event and arrange to have your chapter included.

Participating chapter members must be notified in advance of the webinar presentation. We recommend the chapter send a notice at least 30 days in advance but it must be sent no less than 21 days prior. Chapter Support must receive the notice from participating chapters (as well as the host chapter).

For participating chapters, attendance must be recorded and submitted with meeting information. Training hour credit is awarded if 5 or more chapter members attend. 

Participating chapters receive credit for the training hours for their members when complete documentation is submitted.

While webinars are a great way to conveniently offer training trainings presented exclusively as webinars should be limited to no more than half the chapter's annual training events. MSOs find value in hands-on, in-person training.