Energy Management Subcommittee (EMS)


Ryan Capone

Executive Director, Critical Infrastructure Engineering, Comcast Cable Inc.

Subcommittee Chair


The Energy Management Subcommittee (EMS) is responsible for developing standards and operational practices for reducing power consumption and costs, increasing operating efficiency and recognizing sustainable actions to support both business and the environment.

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Working Groups:

  • Energy Metrics, Data Collection & Reporting

The Metrics group defines energy metrics for facilities, outside plant, fleet, non-grid, financial and an overall company metric.

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  • Access Network Efficiency

The Access Network Efficiency (ANE) group defines how to and what data to collect for establishing a comprehensive value for total power spend across the MSO network. The work includes inside plant (critical infrastructure) and outside power supplies.

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  • Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification (APSIS™)

Facility Climate Technology Optimization

By utilizing current ASHRAE data center standards and Green Grid maps, the Climate Technology group determines where to use free air cooling and the impact free air cooling will have on costs. The work includes inside plant technical/network facilities and data centers.

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  • Microgrid and Alternate Energy

The Microgrid group educates the cable broadband community on the applicability, benefits, and use-cases of microgrid technology in cable operator facilities; demonstrate that the technology is deployable and manageable for cable broadband providers; facilitate coordination between broadband service providers, alternate energy technology developers, utility industry partners, and other standards organizations; address power barriers to technology deployment; and define operational practices and standards.

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