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Fort Hays State University Associate's Degree Program

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PR NEWSWIRE: SCTE Partners with Fort Hays State University to Award College Credits for Telecommunications Courses

SCTE has partnered with Fort Hays State University (FHSU) to create a degree program for telecommunications industry professionals. The degree, an Associate’s Degree in General Studies with an emphasis on Computer Science & Telecommunications, is a combination of SCTE and Fort Hays State University courses. Combine the SCTE courses provided for free by your employer with coursework available to you from an accredited university to achieve your goals for a degree.

The Associate of General Studies (AGS) is a unique degree available through the College of Arts and Sciences at Fort Hays State University. The AGS allows you to meet short-term educational goals and helps prepare you to move ahead in your current job, a new career or as a step on your way to a bachelor's degree.

The Associate of General Studies program consists of 60 credit hours of coursework customized to the telecommunications industry. The degree can be an intermediate step on your way to a bachelor's degree. Most importantly, the program provides the freedom to select a major and go on to fulfill the bachelor's degree of your choice. The AGS degree can be completed online through FHSU Online. Learn more.


Fort Hays State University is a well-established institution that prides itself on its commitment to learning through its teaching practices and mentoring. Recognized as one of the best online schools by U.S. News and World Report, it offers over 200 online degree programs focused on providing students with the best education possible. It can serve our partners in all sectors of the United States. Connect with FHSU Online.

Connect with a Transfer Success Coach

Connect with a dedicated FHSU Transfer Success Coach who will help you transfer your credits from any regionally accredited institution and partners like SCTE. Along with your unofficial transcript evaluation, you will receive a waiver for the application fee. Get started.


Throughout their time at Fort Hays, learners will be expected to meet university requirements to progress through their academic journey.

  • Upon acceptance, students will be paired with an academic advisor that is knowledgeable of the SCTE/FHSU partnership


Financial Aid

  • Contact Fort Hays to identify additional financial aid opportunities.
  • Learners may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through their employees. The maximum payable is $5,250 annually. Contact your organization’s Human Resources department for additional details.
  • Students can also apply for a grant from the SCTE Foundation for up to $1,500 toward their tuition and fees.

Credit for Prior Learning

Learners can receive credit for coursework completed at SCTE and other colleges or universities. These credits can be applied toward the total needed to achieve a degree. Certification of completion can be supplied to receive credits. If the learner wants to add the grade, which will impact their grade point average (GPA), a transcript is needed, including course name, completion date, and numeric grade. Learn more.

Enrolling in Courses

Learners can register for Fort Hays course through the portal for classes associated with their degree. As a reminder, students must fulfill the requirements to remain eligible to progress through their program. For additional information or guidance, please make sure to contact your faculty advisor.

SCTE Courses

The below list includes all courses that have been pre-determined for college credit. As a reminder, learners may receive credit for other classes completed by working through the Credit for Prior Learning Process.