DOCSIS 3.1 Boot Camp

The SCTE DOCSIS 3.1 bootcamp is broken into three distinct sections

1. We start with the basics.

The first section of the Boot Camp features a primer on DOCSIS 3.1 and the fundamentals of DOCSIS 3.1 downstream operation. Then we conduct a pre-test to evaluate your employees’ current knowledge level and make certain they’re prepared for the classroom portion of the Boot Camp. If, based on the pre-test results, your employees require additional preliminary education, we provide e-learning courses on the PHY layer, PHY multiplexing and multiple access technology , MAC data links and cable modem initialization.

2. Next, we move to the classroom.

In the second portion of the DOCSIS 3.1 Boot Camp, our 3-day classroom sessions provide in-depth training on the following topics:

  • DOCSIS 3.1 initialization procedure
  • The end-to-end process with respect to DOCSIS 3.1
  • New frequency plan enhancements
  • Next code word pointers (NCP) and changes with respect to the MAC domain
  • Profiles, ranging and probing
  • OFDM in action
  • PHY/OFDM plant testing
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • OFDM generators from test equipment vendors
  • Demonstration of OFDM testing
  • DOCSIS 3.1 installation
  • DOCSIS 3.1 deployment and proactive network maintenance approaches
  • CMTS configuration for different vendor platforms
  • Troubleshooting network and plant issues using new DOCSIS 3.1 tools
  • Monitoring and testing approaches

3. Your EMPLOYEES continue learning even after class is over.

Our follow-up activities keep your staff engaged in the DOCSIS 3.1 Boot Camp training. These activities include digital games and additional educational content to help support and strengthen their knowledge, such as:

  • Data input/command examples
  • Implementation and troubleshooting tips
  • Opportunities to follow up with the course presenters in threaded discussions and webinars