Diversity & Inclusion

SCTE•ISBE supports the vision and efforts of companies in the cable industry that actively recruit women and other underrepresented groups for their technical workforce and engineering positions. They acknowledge that a strong gender and cultural mix of employees fosters new ways of approaching and solving problems.

Diversity is essential to the modern cable community. Differences in age, gender, race, culture, education, and other factors of an individual’s background can be leveraged as assets. Valuing diversity means recognizing that other people, voices, and cultures can offer new ways of seeing the world, solving problems, and working together.

SCTEISBE Inclusion Philosophy

SCTE•ISBE’s long-term goal is to ensure that our membership, volunteer membership, and staff represent a strong and evolving model of diversity and inclusion for the technical operations and engineering workforce of the Broadband Industry, and those that support them. SCTE•ISBE will focus on creating an inclusive culture where people’s unique contributions are valued, and provide tools for expanded access to leadership opportunities SCTE•ISBE is committed to partnering with other industry associations, cable operators and vendors to further promote inclusiveness across the entire industry. Our industry strives to be diverse and recognizes that an inclusive culture is good for business and the right thing to do.

SCTEISBE Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan

This corporate initiative is a result of the need for a collaborative effort to support inclusion within the cable telecommunications industry. SCTE•ISBE’s inclusion efforts will focus on the engineering and technical end of the industry and collaborating as a peer with other industry associations with their goals in promoting diversity and inclusion for the industry as a whole. This strategic plan will guide SCTE•ISBE’s inclusion scope of work as it continues to identify and launch effective efforts to support diversity and inclusion.

SCTEISBE Launches Diversity & Inclusion Initiative

In early 2012 SCTE•ISBE began its launch of the SCTE•ISBE Diversity & Inclusion Initiative through the creation of several programs supporting its Inclusion Philosophy. Multi-channel News worked with SCTE•ISBE Senior Vice President of Operations, Cathy Oakes, in posting an article that highlights key areas of focus for SCTE•ISBE Diversity & Inclusion in the year ahead. Download the PDF

SCTE•ISBE’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative is gaining strength as new programs are being developed and topics are incorporated into most SCTE•ISBE industry-wide events. Click the links below to learn more.

If you are interested in getting involved with SCTE•ISBE’s Diversity & Inclusion Initiative, please contact SCTE•ISBE via e-mail or call 1-800-542-5040.

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