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A special discount for SCTE•ISBE’s industry-leading, online training is available to your employees through your company’s membership with NCTC. As the premier organization for technical cable telecommunications professionals, SCTE•ISBE provides continuous training to advance professionals at every level - technical employees to the C-Suite.

Through technological leadership and innovation, SCTE•ISBE is leading the industry into the future. In addition to in-depth, interactive training and certifications, SCTE•ISBE is a vital industry partner. In fact, as a not-for-profit, we invest back into programs and resources that benefit our members and the wider technical community.

From participating in the creation of Standards to training and certifications to access to invaluable professional networks, SCTE•ISBE has a broad range of essential resources for your organization and your employees. Our Corporate Alliance Partnership (CAP) program allows companies to build a partnership with SCTE•ISBE that is customized to your organization’s unique needs.

After 50 years as a vital industry partner, SCTE•ISBE is stepping into the next 50 years with its sights on innovation. Become a CAP partner today and help shape the future of connectivity.

SCTE•ISBE is a global community of 20,000 members and growing. Membership connects you with other local pros and the industry's top experts. We put their knowledge at your fingertips through online communities, videos webinars on hot topics, searchable databases, valuable reference material, and more.


Shape define and prepare our industry for what's next

Conceived as a true strategic partnership between corporate members and SCTE•ISBE the Corporate Alliance Partnership (CAP) program's participants realize significant saving by engaging across a wide variety of opportunities with the Society


SCTE•ISBE Raise your team up.Keep your costs down.

Get control over your learning plan—purchase an enterprise license from SCTE•ISBE for online courses such as DOCSIS 3.1, Broadband Fiber Installation, Wireless and so much more!

Build a highly trained and certified team

SCTE•ISBE certification programs are the most highly respected in the industry and give your employees the essential knowledge they need to enhance their skills and drive business results.

Many of our online technical training courses prepare your team for the industry's leading certifications. They’ve been designed in partnership with the operator community and can be taken on your employees’ schedules and at their own pace, without disrupting their day-to-day work schedules.

SCTE•ISBE delivers thousands of online and onsite courses to prepare your team!

These industry-leading courses are designed to prepare you for every aspect of cable technical operations, from legacy technologies to the newest trends, including mobility, cybersecurity, DOCSIS® 3.1 and FTTP.

Some of our most popular courses include:

Understanding Cable Technology (for new employees or as a refresher)


Virtual training that drives real results.

CORTEX VirtuLearn® is a revolutionary, interactive, multisensory training experience. It is part of our online training courses, using components like:

ICON: LightningMods TM

ICON: eBooks

ICON: NetworkSim®

ICON: VirtuGame®


Immersive training. Impressive results.Get 10% off our instructor-led onsite Boot Camps!

DOCSIS 3.1, Broadband Fiber Installation, Wireless and more. Give your team leading-edge training that delivers business results.

Livelearning for Professional webinars

Join industry experts as they tackle a variety of topics in this serious of lives interactive web base seminars offered on the third Thursday of every month

Livelearing for executives webinars

Are you in director level or higher role? if you just said "yes" you will definitely want to check out these exclusive quarterly webinars.

Not a memeberJoin today

We offer professional membership for those looking to improve their skills and take next step in their careers and executives level membership for those already working in an organizational management or leadership capacity in the engineering or technical operation cable television, broadband communications or broadcasting systems

Certified is more Qualified

SCTE•ISBE professional certifications are the premier endorsement for professionals in our industry and a get way to ensure your team is more qualified then our competitors team, plus as an SCTE•ISBE member organization you can save money on partner academy certification with CISCO, compTIA, CWNP and Linux

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