Chapter Leader of the Year

This award identifies and recognizes the SCTE chapter member who has made the most significant contribution to his or her chapter through active participation in its programs and efforts during the past year.


Nominations for this award are due by January 31, 2025 for consideration. To nominate a chapter leader, please use the nomination form.

2022 Recipient

In 2022 the award was dedicated to industry veteran Roger Paul, one of our most passionate, dedicated chapter leaders and 2004 Chapter Member of the Year. Roger was involved in several SCTE chapters throughout his more than three decades of SCTE membership and is responsible for many of the resources and templates still used by chapters today. In honor of Roger’s contributions to SCTE the Awards and Compliance Subcommittee has dedicated the Chapter Leader of the Year Award to Roger.

Roger Paul- Central California, Red Rocks and Inland Empire Chapter

2022 Roger Paul Central California, Red Rocks and Inland Empire Chapters
2021 Kim Lambert Piedmont and Crystal Coast Chapters
2020 Alan Kolad Greater Chicago Chapter
2020 Kim Strand Rocky Mountain Chapter
2019 Royd Miller Penn-Ohio Chapter
2018 Mike O'Dell Penn-Ohio Chapter
2018 Karen Torrenti New England Chapter
2017 Patrick Campbell Sooner State Chapter
2016 Raul Velasquez, Aaron Weimer High Plains Chapter, Chattahoochee Chapter
2015 Jim Ball Crystal Coast Chapter
2014 Danny Raynes Old Dominion Chapter
2013 John Vavrousek Mt. Rainier Chapter
2012 George Bosak Dakota Territory
2011 Randy Love Cascade Range Chapter
2010 Powell Bedgood Emerald Coast Chapter
2009 Markus Kofoid, Kelly Doss Alaska Chapter, Bluegrass Chapter
2008 Clifford Simpson Great Lakes Chapter
2007 Amanda Walton Cascade Range Chapter
2006 Brenda Hunt Cactus Chapter
2005 Joseph Cutrona, Jr. New England Chapter
2005 Steven D. Johnson Sooner State Chapter
2004 Roger Paul Central California Chapter
2003 Keith Grunberg Cascade Range Chapter
2003 Randy Bunnell Badger State Chapter
2002 Tom Maguire Sierra Chapter
2001 Roger K. Hughes Penn-Ohio Chapter
2000 Bob Foote New England Chapter
1998 Jim Fronk Wheat State Chapter
1998 Gary Wilson Bluegrass, Music City and Ohio Valley Chapters