Chapter Certification Testing

SCTE Certification Programs are a great way for an individual to demonstrate that he or she has a solid knowledge of cable telecommunications technologies, and the local chapters can help in achieving - an maintaining - an SCTE certification. 

Preparing to Be Certified

Many chapters offer multiple resources to prepare individuals for a certification test. Some chapters have a library that includes many publications that will assist members in preparing for their certification exam. Other chapters offer local technical training sessions and/or study groups with topics that specifically relate to a certification.

Getting Certified

SCTE certification exams are taken online in the presence of an SCTE-approved proctor. Many chapters offer certification testing sessions or have a local proctor who can oversee your exam. For more information about certification testing offered by your local chapter, contact a local chapter volunteer. 

Promote your Certification

Market Your Expertise and Advance Your Career via SCTE recognitions, Personal Identification and Communications, Display Your Certification Certificate(s), Promote Your Certification at Work, Company recognitions, SCTE Chapter recognitions, and Local Media Exposure. Here's how.

Staying Certified

SCTE chapters help individuals to maintain certification status by offering opportunities toward Recertification Units (RU). Chapter RUs can be earned through any of the following means: 

  • Attending a Chapter Meeting
  • Attending a Chapter Vendor Day
  • Presenting at a Chapter
  • Volunteering on the Chapter Board


SCTE Certified Individuals