Certification Logos

Stand out by identifying yourself as an SCTE-certified professional. You've worked hard to earn your SCTE certification so show off your expertise by including the proper SCTE certification logos on your individual marketing and business materials such as personal business cards, resume or website. Just choose the appropriate logo or logos below and download them as a vector-based EPS file (Encapsulated PostScript), or a pixel-based JPEG file (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or PNG file (Portable Networks).

Logos and badges can be downloaded here (scroll down to the "Badges" section)

IMPORTANT NOTE: SCTE certification logos are intended only for those cable telecommunications professionals who have earned official certification from SCTE. To verify a certification status, please search the Certified Individuals List or contact SCTE at 1-800-542-5040. If an individual does not properly maintain their SCTE certification(s) logo use must be terminated immediately. Any industry professional who inappropriately uses SCTE certification logos or falsely portray themselves as SCTE-certified will be reprimanded. To report misuse, please contact the SCTE.

Complaints: SCTE Certificants are granted certification by the SCTE and may hold themselves out to the public as such. In order to maintain and enhance the credibility of SCTE certifications, SCTE has adopted Administrative Procedures to allow SCTE members and others to bring complaints to the SCTE concerning the conduct of certification candidates, certificants and proctors. In the event of a violation of the Code of Ethics or of other substantive requirements of the certification process by an SCTE certification candidate, certificant or Proctor, the SCTE may take appropriate disciplinary action. 

Complaints can be submitted to SCTE at or faxed to the SCTE Certification Department at 610-363-5898.