With the proliferation of wireless devices enabling consumer’s video, voice and broadband experiences in and outside of the home, the cable and telecommunications workforce must gain an expert understanding of wireless standards, networking devices used at the premises, how to plan and implement wireless, provide security and the ability to troubleshoot these wireless networks in an efficient manner.

SCTE is the industry leader in developing certified experts in installing, maintaining and troubleshooting wireless networks. 

  • In only 2-3 hours per week online or two days (15 hours) onsite, our team of experts provides an expert understanding of:Wireless standards.
  • Networking devices used at the premises.
  • Planning and implementing wireless.
  • Providing security 
  • Troubleshooting wireless networks efficiently

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Members have the option to tailor the knowledge and standards
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All SCTE courses are designed to guide participants along a career path progression:

In fact, SCTE is the only industry association offering CWNP Certification Prep Courses (CWTS, CWNA), as well as Cisco Networking Academy courses, Intro to IoT and Mobility.



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3 reasons our Broadband Wireless Specialist course is the industry's best.

1 Others offer “intro” courses, but no one delivers the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills training like SCTE. 

2 SCTE offers an entire career path in wireless with our partner You won’t get that anywhere else.

3 SCTE is the only industry association offering CWNP Certification Prep Courses (CWTS, CWNA) and Cisco Networking Academy courses Intro to IoT and Mobility.

All SCTE online courses are also available for onsite presentation. 

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