Become a Proctor

Become an SCTE-approved Certification Exam Proctor

SCTE provides opportunities for qualified professionals to administer SCTE certification exams. SCTE greatly appreciates its approved proctors' efforts to assist other professionals in earning SCTE certification and help increase the competence of those within the profession.

Proctor responsibilities include:

  • Verify each candidates' identity before logging in the candidate, to ensure that a more qualified "stand-in" isn't take the exam
  • Be present, in the same room, during the entire time a candidate is testing
  • Ensure that no exam questions are copied, printed or compromised in any way
  • Provide all candidates an equal chance to pass an exam. This includes
  • Ensuring all computers are operating properly
  • Allowing proper access to reference materials
  • Monitoring Internet use
  • Explaining the Question Challenge Process

To become a proctor, follow these four easy steps:

Download SCTE Proctor Tips

As defined by the Society, certification is "the formal recognition by a cognizant peer group of the demonstrated accomplishment of proficiency with and the comprehension of the uniquely defined body of knowledge at the point in time." It is not a measure of competence.

Equal opportunity will be provided to all certification and exam proctor candidates regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, color, ancestry, mental or physical disability or handicap, veteran's status or any other classification protected by applicable law.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact