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Intelligently Managaging Streams, Service Groups, and Edge Devices using IPDR Jeff Finkelstein, Jason Schnitzer 2009 Download
An All Fiber Diet for Growing Cable Networks (Fiber Deeper: Migrating from N+5 to N+0 HFC Networks) David L. Foote 2009 Download
Aboard the Technology Wave: Surf Conditions Report Robert Howald 2016 Download
Next-Gen Room Service: Cable's HD Hospitality Opportunity Jeffrey R. Huppertz 2009 Download
Concurrency of Video and It's Impact on IPTV Network Capacity Planning Doug Jones 2009 Download
Efficient HD Expansions using SDV, MPEG-4, and MPEG-2/4 Dual Carry Robert Kidd, Avinash Ravi 2009 Download
Advanced Advertising- Migration Paths Adam LaRose 2009 Download
Rolling Out - An Operator's Experience Vikram Nagarajan, Paul Bolden, C. Randolph Stukes, Jatin Desai 2009 Download
Distributed Access Architecture - Goal and Methods of Virtualizing Cable Access Nagesh Nandiraju 2016 Download
Characterizing and Aligning the HFC Return Path for Successful DOCSIS 3.0 Rollouts Robert L. Howald, Rob Thompson, Dean Stoneback, Vipul Rathod, Charles Moore, Phillip Chang 2009 Download
Linear Advertising Migration and Virtual Zoning Yaron Raz, John Reister 2009 Download
Business Services - The Suite of Services Required by Small, Medium Businesses (SMBs) and Enterprise Customers: PacketCable Architecture for Business Voice Services Glenn Russell, David Hancock, Sandeep Sharma Download
Home Networking Cable Television J. Clarke Stevens 2009 Download
Operationalize Going All Digital Kevin Taylor, Nancy Davoust, Steve Reynolds 2009 Download
Monitoring Utlilization and Subsriber Metrics of DOCSIS 3.0 Network from an OSS Perspective Rohini Ramana Reddy Telukutla 2009 Download
Practical Considerations for Migrating the Network toward All Digital Rob Thompson, Mike Aviles, Dean Stoneback, Charles Moore, Phillip Chang 2009 Download
The Evolution of the Ad Campaign: The Dynamic Insertion of Digital Overlays into Linear and On-demand Content Adam S. Tom, Jeff Tyre, Bruce Dilger 2009 Download
The Case for Adaptive Streaming Asaf Atzman 2010 Download
Connected Devices and Applications in the Digital Home Walter S. Ciciora 2010 Download
Successfully Deploying Switched Digital Video Systems Paul Conway, Jim Kuhns, Michael Melendez 2010 Download