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Integrated Network Management across Multiple Services- Time Warner Cable's Regional Operational Support Systems Kristopher Kortright, Colin Horton, Paula Weaver 2007 Download
Capacity Utilization Trends and Analysis in Combined HD/SD On Demand Networks Barry Hardek, Craig Schwabl 2007 Download
Fundamentals of the Internet Protocol for the RF Engineer Steven Krapp 2007 Download
Considerations in VoIP Network Scalability for High Growth Parviz Rashidi 2007 Download
Stepping towards SDN- A Service Activation Framework for DOCSIS Dan Torbet 2015 Download
Attack the HDTV Bandwidth Challenge with a Powerful Technology: VBR/ SttatMux for VOD and SDV Marc Tayer 2007 Download
DOCSIS 1.0/ 1.1/ 2.0/ 3.0 Migration and Planning Management Brian Wheeler 2007 Download
Trends in Broadband Wireless Cortland Wolfe 2007 Download
Responding to Verizon FiOS Victor R. Blake 2008 Download
NDL 1.0 - Network Design Language John T. Chapman 2008 Download
IP for Video Heads Dave Brown 2008 Download
Carrier Ethernet of DOCSIS (CEoD): A Proposed Target Architecture for DOCSIS Service Providers Michael J. Emmendorfer 2008 Download
Revenue Assurance: Managing Cable Fraud across Video and HSD Dan Rice, Marcel Schemmann, Mike Gordish, Bob Cruickshank 2008 Download
PacketCable 2.0 and TISPAN - Converging on IMS for a Common QoS Enabled Application Core Richard Cardone 2008 Download
More QAM Channels, Optics, and Bandwidth - Oh My!: Troubleshooting today's Optically Rich and Expanded Bandwidth Networks Timothy J Brophy, Ray Thomas 2008 Download
RF to IP- The Top Most Common DOCSIS Killers and How to Identify Them Brady Volpe, John Downey 2008 Download
Operational Focus on Network Intelligence and Neighborhood Health for Advanced Service Assurance Richard Berthold, Keith Hayes 2009 Download
Simplifying "TV Everywhere": Principles for Online Video Entitlement System Jim Brandt, Jim Turner 2009 Download
VOD Navigation: A Network Based Approach to Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Operator Revenue Jeremy Edmonds, John Callahan 2009 Download
Maximizing Legacy and DOCSIS 3.0 Bandwidth in the Forward Path using M-CMTS and EdgeQAM Technologies Jeff Finkelstein, John T. Chapman 2009 Download