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SCTE LiveLearning: Winning With Wi-Fi 6 & Beyond

January 19, 2023

With the surging growth of connected devices, explosive consumer demand for more bandwidth and mounting congestion on the home Wi-Fi network, cable operators have the chance to play a bigger role in managing today's smart homes by upgrading to Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7 and beyond. How can operators leverage the next-gen Wi-Fi specs to craft and support promising new smart-home services and boost their ARPU? And how can they overcome challenging home networking issues by deploying the new specs? In this webinar, we will discuss the promise of the new Wi-Fi specs to boost home broadband, support new services and generate fresh revenues, as well as the technical, operational and integration hurdles that the new specs raise.

SCTE Speaker: Paul Rodrigues

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