SCTE Webinars

Proactive Networks

December 16, 2015

Historically you’re rebuild cycles were clear and predictable. Move fiber closer to the subscriber providing additional capacity. Falling into a seemingly constant cycle of designing and deploying while already planning for the next build-out/overbuild. We’ve heard you say that success is managing to stay just barely ahead of your subscribers’ demands for more bandwidth and differentiating applications. Any alternative path vs. the traditional rebuild cycle is a paradigm shift, and the ROI is unclear. Until now.

Join us for “Proactive Networks” as a first step toward your alternative path – a smart, forward-looking migration to fiber to the home. In this seminar, we’ll look at how a proactive approach to future-readying your network can deliver a strong ROI, reduce OpEx, and enable cutting-edge applications that will delight your subscribers.
Presented July, 2016, by Kevin Bourg, Optical Network Architect, Carrier Networks Market Development, Optical Network Engineer, Corning