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Piedmont Chapter The Opportunities for AI in the Work Place

November 17, 2021


Artificial Intelligence is promised to increase efficiencies in many industries and enable new business models like self-driving cars. Many of the tasks that engineers work on today, won’t be the same tasks they’ll work on tomorrow, and artificial intelligence is expected to drive this apparent change in the profession. Companies are starting to work on various applications that automate the inspection of infrastructure through artificial intelligence, calculation of construction cost based on a few key parameters and statistical models, or propose finalized design solutions. Similar to self-driving cars, however,(who some thought would already be deployed at scale today), the application of artificial intelligence doesn’t automatically solve all challenges, and the technology has to be implemented in a thoughtful way. Use Cases to be presented:

Artificial Intelligence combined with UAVs is set to increase drafting efficiency in Telecommunications surveying (Make Ready/Walk Out/Strand Mapping) -Adam Kersnowski, Airworks, CoFounder -COO

This session will cover the potential, the shortfalls, and the challenges of artificial intelligence based on the example of a feature extraction algorithm that vectorizes aerial data from UAVs or aircraft, to automate the CAD drafting process. While there are certain limitations, Artificial intelligence has significant potential to advance the industry in making sense of massive amounts of data.

AI: Friend not Foe of Contact Center Agents – Fanny Heneine, Afiniti, Sr Dir Advanced Analytics

In this presentation we will discuss some of the practical applications of how data-driven contact centers and their agents can leverage AI to improve selling, reduce churn, and enhance the customer journey and experience.

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