SCTE Chapter Technical Training

Piedmont Chapter Mid-High Split Implementation - Training

July 21, 2021

The Diminishing Node Return
Presented By: John Ulm, Commscope, Engineering Fellow, CTO Office – Network Solutions team

The COVID pandemic created a bandwidth surge that was especially disruptive in the upstream. This session will talk about these bandwidth trends and focus on the traffic engineering that our future upstream needs. We will discuss why our business-as-usual approach of splitting upstream nodes is starting to hit a point of diminishing returns. You might need to split a node 3-4 times over the next decade, with corresponding requirement of pulling fiber deeper as well. However, upgrading your plant to an 85MHz mid-split or even better 204MHz high-split will allow you to keep existing node sizes.

The Economics of Mid-Split and High Split network implementation
Presented By: Zoran Maricevic, Commscope, Engineering Fellow, Access Technologies, CTO Network Solutions team

The 2nd half of Part I will cover the economics of these different choices to show which has the best ROI. We will also delve into the technical challenges of doing a Mid or High-split upgrade and look at certain scenarios like MDU’s which may be a good lead candidate for this transition.

Maintenance Impacts - Is your network ready for Mid/High splits?
Presented By: Tony Holmes, VeEx, Inc., Field Applications Engineer

Part II will discuss testing and maintenance aspects that will change as a result of a mid-split or highsplit deployment. As the need for throughput speeds increase, it is important to properly prepare your network. The return spectrum has always been the area that creates a challenge for the operators. You will learn about the tools and processes needed to test your system properly.

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