SCTE Chapter Technical Training

Piedmont Chapter 5G Webinar

May 20, 2020

5G Webinar

Guest Speaker: Stephen Douglas, Head of 5G Strategy, Spirent, Inc.

Course offered twice: 10AM – 12 noon  and 1 – 3 PM

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1. 5G Market: Learn what key trends and opportunities are emerging and what new technical challenges are appearing with the early 5G deployments.
2. 5G for Broadband Networks: Learn about the opportunity for 5G and Broadband networks including Fixed Mobile Convergence, X-Haul, Edge and Private Networks.
3. 5G Technology Trends: Learn about new technology trends which the Industry is adopting as they look to accelerate and assure the promise of 5G.

• Digital Twin – software replica 5G network for assessing performance, predicting the impact of change and optimizing network decision-making

• Cloud Hotels – Neutral host environments, Edge as a Service & Test as a Service • Active Security – Continuous testing in the live operational network

• User Perceived Video Experience – Video performance analysis using machine - learning-based algorithms that closely match what a person “sees”.

Course provide Certification Training for SCTE's certification programs: BPI, BPT, BPE, BWS, BFI, BCSS, BDS, BTS, BTCS, DVEP, IPEP, DEP A