SCTE Chapter Technical Training

North Florida Chapter Facilities Powering Seminar

September 25, 2017

Comcast Communications
5934 Richard St
Jacksonville, FL 32225

North Florida Facilities Power training & Troubleshooting Training Presented by Frank Deubel, Alpha Technologies Services, IncDate: 9:00 AM September 26thLocation: Comcast Engineering, 5934 Richard St., Jacksonville FL. 32225 Training Will Cover: DCPP Voltage Drop and Wire Sizing Calculations What is it? Where does it go? System Voltage Drop Calculator – How to use it Branch Circuit Wire Sizing Tool – Formulas & how to use the tool DCPP Rectifier Overview CXCHP Overview LCD Menu Features GUI Computer Interface Features AMPS Inverter Operations Overview Procedures to operate the Bypass switches – we have a tool for that Inverter Replace/Add/Remove AMPS Inverter Module Replace/Add/Remove Questions: Jeremiah Johnson,