SCTE Chapter Technical Training

Mt. Rainier Chapter QAM To IP Transition Webinar

January 8, 2020

900 132nd St SW
Everett, WA 98204

Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020
6:30AM - 7:30AM
(Offices may offer alternate dates & times at their discretion)

Comcast Everett TSC/XOC
Comcast Puyallup
Comcast Auburn
Comcast Redmond
Comcast Bremerton (01/15/2020)

Join us for a deep dive on the in's and outs of moving from QAM video delivery to IP delivery. 

Originally presented by the New England SCTE Chapter. 

Paul Nejad from Harmonic 
Alan Marchioni from Comcast Northeast Division 
John Bonvino and Mark Taranto from CommScope