SCTE Webinars

LiveLearning: LTE Interference/UHF Leakage

When service providers began deploying LTE technology a few years ago, cable operators were faced with new challenges: Leakage-related interference to LTE towers, and interference to cable networks by over-the-air LTE signals.

This webinar highlights sources of interference, identifies the frequencies that are affected in the spectrum, and reviews the poor correlation of VHF and UHF signal leakage from the same leak mechanism. If you ever wondered what is meant by "field strength," then you'll discover the answer to that question as well as see some of the typical causes of UHF leakage, ingress and direct pickup. Learn techniques to monitor and repair signal leakage caused by LTE interference.

Presented May, 2015 by Ron Hranac, Technical Leader, Cisco Systems and Nick Segura, Director, Technical Ops, Charter Communications