SCTE Webinars

LiveLearning: Lighting Up Coherent Optics

October 21, 2021

Coherent optics is a long-standing long-haul technology that cable engineers are now exploring to vastly increase the amount of data delivered over HFC access networks, offer much higher speeds to customers and boost the optical performance of fiber links without overhauling the entire cable plant. With cable operators facing surging consumption of streaming video and ever-growing demand for bandwidth especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, coherent optics promises to be a powerful way to ease the mounting capacity loads very efficiently. But how easily can this long-haul optical technology be adapted for cable access networks? What major challenges must still be overcome? This webinar will focus on the great promise of coherent optics, the work that cable technologists are doing with it and the hurdles that they are seeking to scale.

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