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Fiber 101 Series • the New Dimension of Coherent Optics

January 27, 2021

SCTE•ISBE Technology Webinar Series: Fiber 101 series – the new dimension of coherent optics - Sponsored by EXFO

Presented Jan 27, 2021
We kicked off this webinar series with Corning, looking at the Basics of Fiber and ways to improve network capacity with DWDM technologies. In this third installment, EXFO partners with Cable Labs to explore a new dimension of spectral efficiency: coherent optics.
The advent of IoT, remote applications and cloud gaming are driving a larger demand in data, and more importantly driving stringent requirements for high-fidelity communication.
In addition to the ongoing initiatives being carried out by cable operators in distributing plants further out, massive data aggregation will require robust and efficient spectral usage. With higher signal-to-noise ratios (OSNR), coherent optics are providing cleaner, more robust signals with less errors.
Key takeaways:
• Learn the fundamentals of coherent optics communication
• Understand which problems coherent optics help solve
• All about full duplex coherent optics
• Challenges in testing coherent optics
• Best practices in testing coherent communication systems
Anabel Alarcon, Product specialist, High-speed, transport & datacom - EXFO
Steve Jia, Distinguished Technologist - CableLabs®

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