SCTE Webinars

Executive Webinar: Leading Through Times of Change

October 4, 2017

The webinar was presented on Wednesday, October 4th, by Steven Gaffney. In this webinar, Steven discussed how leaders can learn critical skills for managing and leading through change, no matter how unpredictable or uncertain the environment may be. Steven also identified ways to keep the momentum going strong throughout the process. Many people have leadership skills, but the specific ability to lead through times of change and uncertainty is a specialized, distinct strength which is so important in helping leaders survive and thrive in today's business world.

Steven is a certified speaking professional and is a regular contributor to some of the most respected national television, radio and print media outlets. He is the author of several publications: "Just Be Honest", "Honesty Works!", "Honesty Sells" "Guide to Increasing Communication Flow Up, Down and Across Your Organization", "21 Rules for Delivering Difficult Messages", and "the Fish isn't Sick...The Water is Dirty". His latest book, "Be a Change Champion", is the only one of its kind, dedicated to leading and maintaining successful change.

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