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Executive Webinar: ResponDING! Get Creative in Change

July 15, 2020

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ResponDING! Improv Comedy Techniques to Get Creative and Find Opportunity in Change

During times of change and uncertainty, you are asked to do new things, to do old things in new ways, and to completely change your approach to work and life. On top of that, everything around you – customers, clients, vendors, co-workers, etc. – are doing things differently as well. Trying to conduct “business as usual,” or simply “tweaking” what you already do will most likely not work.

Instead, you need to get creative, try new things, and access your creativity to generate new ideas, options, and solutions. By developing and testing new ideas, you have the opportunity to emerge from change in a better situation than you were before. 

All people have the capacity for tremendous creativity. Most just never learned (or have forgotten) how to access it, how to develop it, and most importantly, how to direct it. In this interactive, high-energy, and funny virtual training workshop, you will learn exactly how to do that.

This workshop is virtual but it will not be the same ol’ same old, dry webinar type program. Spread throughout the session will be:

  • Improv games played by Avish to demonstrate the ideas (and bring some needed levity to the situation).
  • Opportunities for live-action “hot-seat” style interaction where volunteers can apply these techniques to their situation using Avish’s help, live during the session.
  • Humor, energy, and real-time exercises to reinforce and apply the learning.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Tap into your true creative power
  • Shift your thinking from “just trying to get through it” to “how can I use this opportunity to make things better than before?”
  • Apply 5 different techniques to direct your creativity to generate ideas you never would have come up with otherwise
  • Increase engagement and motivation even in uncertain times
  • And more!

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