SCTE Webinars

Executive Webinar: Communication Skills - Remarkable Results

March 8, 2018

The webinar was presented on Thursday, October 11th by Pamela Jett.  In this webinar, Pamela will highlight what everybody ought to know about remarkable communication for remarkable results. Discover startling facts about how most professionals are sabotaging their communication success and reap the rewards of learning remarkable communication techniques proven to better relationships at work and at home.
As an internationally recognized communication skills expert, speaker and author, Pamela Jett works with professionals to better understand that "Words Matter" when we are looking to achieve results, make an impact and improve effectiveness. Pamela is a communication expert who has given well over 800 presentations to more than 135,000 people in seven countries. She is also the author of several video and audio programs, including Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Influence and Mind Your Own Business: A Career Management System.