SCTE Webinars

Executive Webinar: Appreciative Inquiry

September 20, 2019

Learn more about Appreciative Inquiry, a philosophy and a methodology for positive change. It is founded on the simple assumption that human systems – teams, organizations and people – move in the direction of what they study, what they focus upon and what they talk about with regularity.

The essence of Appreciative Inquiry is then the study of what “gives life,” energy and vitality to organizations, teams and people when they are at their best. Appreciative Inquiry does not assume that any person or organization is always at its best. It does posit, and both research and experience show, that people learn, and organizations change most readily when they focus on, study, and engage in dialogue about strengths, patterns of success and who they are at their best.

The process generally follows the Appreciative Inquiry 4-D Process: Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny.

The webinar was presented by David Reed and Josh Nespoli of East Coast Center for Positive Change.


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