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Executive Webinar: 5 Important LinkedIn Profile Updates

December 19, 2022

Registration is now closed for this training. If you would like to join please email for assistance.

Make the most of your online presence by updating your LinkedIn profile, learn how and when to connect and engage, and how and when to publish on LinkedIn to extend your professional network.

About the Speaker

Cass McCrory is a sought after marketing strategist, speaker, and trainer advising large enterprises and start-ups as they take their message and products to their target audience. Cass is passionate about doing work and life with great intention and that intentionality leads to fulfillment and success for projects and most importantly for people.

Clients include Accenture, Microsoft, Accumen,, Usher’s New Look, and countless entrepreneurs making their mark on the world. She has been featured in Oprah Magazine, a guest on The Lively Show and Creative Superhero and is host of her own podcast Best Next Step. Based in Rochester, NY, Cass has 4 ridiculously cute kids and 2 dogs and a love of craft beer and cocktails she shares with her husband.