SCTE Chapter Technical Training

Dakota Territory Chapter DOCSIS® 4.0

December 13, 2022

DOCSIS® 4.0 brings along many benefits and challenges to operators today. The benefits are increased bandwidth, the capability of symmetrical speeds, and the challenges in which style DOCSIS 4.0 operators should deploy. They can choose from extended spectrum DOCSIS up to full duplex 4.0. In this presentation, we will cover the changes to the HFC network that has to happen to deploy extended spectrum DOCSIS or full duplex. The presentation will also help explain the differences between extended spectrum DOCSIS and full duplex DOCSIS. Last, we will cover the process for modem communication between it and the CMTS in full duplex mode.

Presented by Dennis Brown, SCTE


  • Describe the changes to the HFC network for FDX
  • Explain the differences between ESD and FDX
  • Describe the process of FDX communication between the modem and CMTS