SCTE Webinars

Creating Room for Hub-based Service Expansion

February 24, 2016

To meet subscriber bandwidth requirements and keep up with competitive data rates, broadband service providers have spent the last several years increasing headend capacity. But often, this rapid growth has come at the expense of a strategic plan for hub evolution. In these cases, equipment and cabling have been scaled in a way that does not fully maximize space utilization and is difficult to manage. This has resulted in hubs that are running low on space and high on operational costs.This webinar will explore a process for high-density hub evolution that significantly reduces the amount of floor space required for a given number of service groups, while drastically simplifying operations. This process leverages a highly dense CCAP solution at its core, a unique hub design that efficiently organizes equipment and cabling, and standardized methods and procedures that minimize subscriber impact and streamline the migration.Presenter: Jim McGuire, Director of IP Services and PLM for Global Services, ARRIS