SCTE Chapter Technical Training

Chesapeake Chapter Cable-Tec Games Boot Camp

March 28, 2018

1800 Tech Road
Silver Springs, MD 29094

Chesapeake Chapter Cable-Tec Games Boot CampWhen: Wednesday, March 28th, 9am-2pmWhere: Comcast 11800 Tech Road, Silver Springs, MD 29094What are the Cable Games?The Cable Games are typically held during chapter vendorshows or regional cable shows, provide an arena for contestants to compete inevents that measure their technical abilities, such as cable splicing and meterreading, and demonstrate their knowledge, such as cable jeopardy.What is Cable Games Boot Camp?Cable Games Boot Camp is a day that contestants will spendwith the judges who will be running the events at our official Cable Games inApril. This will be an Open House type of training day where potentialcontestants can come and learn how to do the different events and get tips fromthe judges themselves to properly prep you for the competition.What are the Events?OTDRMTDRFiber SplicingCoax SplicingCable Jeopardy Registration: There is NO Charge to participate!Onlineregistration is available for this event. Please note- In order toregister for an event, you must log into the website or create a profile. You don’t need to be a member but you must have an account in the system priorto registering. Once you have logged in, the page will show you theprices as well as a “register myself”button. You must click on the “Register Myself”button before you can clickon any of the prices (they will be grayed out prior to clicking the “registermyself” button). There is no charge to attend. Please complete theregistration process through "check out". You will receive aconformation email.You also have the ability to register others from yourcompany. Please click on “Register Someone Else” anduse the search option to find members ornon-members who have a record in the database. If not found, you can createa basic record for new participants. Please include thefull name, company, email and chapter. Cable Games Boot Camp: Please join us during the hours wehave stated like any other training. As previously mentioned, this is an"open house" day, so come when you can during our training hours!Questions: