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Buckeye State Chapter The Positives of COVID-19 World

April 15, 2021


Discussion on Covid with Dan Levac of Preformed Line Products

Dan Levac, National Sales Manager, Communications Markets for Preformed Line Products is many things, and he'll be a speaker presenter for the chapter.
This time the topic is Covid. The Positivies of a Covid 19 world. Dan originally did this presentation for Power & Tel and was so well received that the chapter asked him to do it as part of our training series this year.
Dan is a gifted speaker. In November of 2019 Dan led and in-person and webinar series on safety relative to using strand, down guys, best practices, and for those that attended in person at their Mayfield, OH facility, a tour of their lab.

on Apr 15, 2021 1:00 PM EDT: