SCTE Chapter Technical Training

San Diego Chapter How To Protect Network Infrastructure

June 24, 2021

DDoS threats and attacks are becoming common and more impactful in the era of the cloud, 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT). The growth of all-IP networks has extended the security perimeter and expanded the threat and attack surface. Moreover, attacks can now come from both outside and inside of your networks. A more agile, precise and intelligent approach is required to thwart and minimize the security risks associated with DDoS threats and attacks.

In this session we will provide:

A quick introduction to and history of DDoS;
An overview of the most common and most impactful attacks today;
Key considerations for a next-generation DDoS protection to leverage the latest technological advances in big data analytics and networking.

Join us on June 24th at 11am to 12pm PST

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