Energy 2020 Resource and Promotion Toolkit Videos

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Light Reading Energy 2020 Series

Better Solutions That Address Growing Scale

For Comcast, the X1 rollout and 17-fold increases in broadband speeds in the past 16 years are among factors driving the need for Energy 2020 solutions that reduce cost and consumption, says Mark Hess.

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The Power of Virtualization

With cable seeking to deliver more bandwidth with less energy consumption, Cisco’s John Holobinko talks about how virtualization can help operators scale hardware more efficiently and reduce opex.

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Putting Power on a Pedestal

ARRIS’ John Ulm says a major accomplishment of SCTE•ISBE’s Energy 2020 program is increased focus on power cost and consumption, including inclusion of energy requirements in operators’ RFPs and RFIs.

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The Overall Objective is to Win the Game

SCTE•ISBE’s Chris Bastian discusses Energy 2020’s success to date and the importance of a flexible approach that allows for changes in specific strategies in order to reach significant milestones.

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Clearing the Air on Cooling

AIRSYS’ Dave Smargon explains how doing smart things with air handling and air conditioning can enable cable to take big steps in the right direction with respect to efficiency gains.

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Villa Nova Interview with Karl Schmidt

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Alpha Interview with Lew Rakowsky

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Liberty Global Interview with Sam Khola

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SCTE Denver with Balan Nair

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Alpha Interview with John Hewitt

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Support Energy 2020

Get Involved: Support Energy 2020

Don’t be left behind. Keep up by making Energy Management a priority for your company. Watch this video to learn why supporting this initiative is so important to our industry's future success. You and your company can join the industry effort to improve Energy Management by the Year 2020—become a member of the SCTE Standards Program, participate in industry events, and partner with SCTE•ISBE.

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Energy 2020 Soundbytes

Some of the program key participants share what they are working on and sound off on why it's important to get involved and participate in Energy 2020.

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Energy 2020: Kick-off Opening Remarks

Mark Dzuban, SCTE and John Schanz, Comcast Cable launched this industry initiative during the Energy 2020 Session at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo® 2014.

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Energy Standards and Operational Practices

Energy 2020 Metrics Standards

The SCTE Standards program is developing universal energy standards and operational practices that can support new cable services and make the delivery of existing services more efficient. SCTE 210, 211, 212 and 213 are metrics standards that are critical to achieving the power cost and consumption reduction goals of the Energy 2020 program. Cable operators should use these foundational tools to establish energy baselines and measure changes in power use.

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SCTE/ISBE Energy Management Subcommittee and Energy 2020 Plenary Meeting: Session 1 - Technology Partners Panel

May 3-4, 2016
Hosted at: Time Warner Cable, Herndon, VA
Technology Partners Panel Discussion:
Moderator: John Schanz, Comcast
John Holobinko, Cisco
John Hewitt, Alpha Technologies
John Ulm, ARRIS

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Energy 2020 Leadership Interviews

Energy 2020: Light Reading CEO Chat with Mark Dzuban, President/CEO, SCTE/ISBE

Mark Dzuban, President and CEO of SCTE, sits down with Steve Saunders in Light Reading's New York office to discuss the society's Energy 2020 campaign, including its mission to benefit the environment, enable economic benefits and the key challenges facing cable operators wanting to reduce energy consumption.

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Energy 2020: Growing services, not consumption, with Dan Cooper, EMS Chair

Management of power requirements needs to be a key consideration as cable operators deploy new services, says Dan Cooper, vice president, critical infrastructure for Charter Communications and chair of the SCTE•ISBE Standards Program's Energy Management Subcommittee. In this video, Cooper discusses the importance of cable operators and technology partners banding together through SCTE•ISBE's Energy 2020 program to bend the power consumption curve downward, even as service offerings continue to grow.

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Energy 2020: Creating unique standards for a cable’s unique networks

Cable’s unique network requirements require a specific set of standards for operators to increase power efficiency, according to Dan Cooper, vice president, critical infrastructure for Charter Communications and chair of the SCTE•ISBE Standards Program's Energy Management Subcommittee, and Ian Oliver, managing director of the Trenchant Group and a member of the SCTE•ISBE Standards Program's Energy Management Subcommittee. In this video, Cooper and Oliver discuss the process of building an inventory of standards and use cases that will help the industry identify current energy consumption and ways to manage power without impacting future growth.

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Energy 2020: Technology innovation to fuel power efficiency, with Dave Fellows, Chief Scientist

Managing energy costs and consumption as cable operators deploy new services requires new levels of innovation from technology partners. In this video, Dave Fellows, co-founder and CTO of Layer3 TV and Chief Scientist of the SCTE•ISBE Energy 2020 program discusses such ambitious objectives as achieving a second 500% increase in efficiency in outside plant amplifiers and the implementation of the Adaptive Power Systems Interface Specification, or APSIS -- “the electronic equivalent of turning out the lights when you leave the room.” Learn more about the Energy 2020 Program and how to get involved at

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Energy 2020 Talks

Energy 2020 Talks: How APSIS™ Redefines Power Usage in Broadband Networks

In this talk Frank Sandoval, Senior Director, Software Engineering, Comcast VIPER discuss the basics of APSIS, a new technology which is poised to substantially reduce how much energy gets used to power the world’s broadband and video networks. APSIS stands for Adaptive Power System Interface Specification. This technology defines software interfaces that allow energy measurement and optimization applications to command and control devices within a service delivery pipeline. The APSIS Standard (SCTE 216) enables cable operators to measure and control energy consumption associated with delivery of services. To get involved or learn more about Energy 2020, SCTE Standards, and the SCTE•ISBE Energy Management Program, visit or email

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